A new evening bus service will come into operation from Friday 23 July linking Port Erin and Peel.

The Sunset Links N8 service will run every Friday and Saturday from 23 July to 4 September, providing four trips each way serving Peel, St John’s, Foxdale, Ballamodha, Castletown, Port St Mary and Port Erin.

The fare between Port Erin/Port St Mary/Castletown/Ballamodha to St John’s/Peel is a £7 1-day saver ticket, which can be purchased on the bus and used for the return journey. The ticket is available for travel on all bus vannin services during the day and evening, and enables half fare on Hullad Oie Night Owl services.

Other Go cards such as Go Explore, Go Easy, Go Platinum Bus are also valid on this service. A special £3.50 1-day saver ticket is available for Go Silver and Go Gold card holders.