Bridge Bookshop in Port Erin and Ramsey will host a number of author events this month when the shop, which celebrates 50 years trading, takes part in Independent Booksellers Week (IBW), which runs from 18th June to 25th June.

The bookshop, which is located on Shore Road, Port Erin and also at 62 Parliament Street, Ramsey, is one of over 350 around the British Isles which has signed up to this annual celebration of all that independent bookshops have to offer.  IBW aims to bring creativity and energy to the heart of the high street, and will offer a chance for the whole community to get involved.

All bookshops taking part in IBW will feature in-store promotions and events such as author signings.

Events scheduled to take place at Bridge Bookshop include:

  • 11 am Sat 18th June – Dr Fiona Gell, book signing of “Spring Tides : Exploring Marine Life on the Isle of Man” published by Orion, hardback, £16.99  at Bridge Bookshop, Ramsey, 

In Spring Tides, marine biologist Fiona Gell tells the story of a pioneering project to create the very first marine nature reserve on the Isle of Man. Growing up in a traditional fishing family on the island, Fiona spent her time on her grandfather’s boat, listening to stories from the local fishermen and combing the beach for mermaid’s purses and whelks’ eggs.

She developed a lifelong love of the sea and Manx culture, and on her return to the island after twelve years away studying marine life, she led a three-year-long struggle to protect an area called Ramsey Bay and the precious emerald green eelgrass forests which grew there. With scientific insight and spellbinding prose she perfectly captures the wonder of island life, from the intricate beauty of bright pink maerl, to the enormity of giant basking sharks spotted off the cliffs of the bay. This beautiful story from a small island reveals the transformative power of the sea, and the importance of protecting it for future generations.

  • Also on 3pm Sat 18th June, Beth Martin – Local Author is at Bridge Bookshop, Port Erin & at 2pm on Saturday 25th of June at Bridge Bookshop, Ramsey signing her new book “Song of the Hawthorn”

This collection of fictional short stories were inspired by and conceived at Smeale Farm and refined by breezes and sea salt. Narrated by the creatures that dwell in this stunning landscape, the tales explore both the joys and harsh realities of farming life and the natural world.
Illustrated by Carola Colley

  • Also, at 11 am on Saturday 25th of June at Bridge Bookshop, Ramsey, book signing by Joanne Clague, Laxey resident, of her book “The Ragged Valley”, published by Canelo on 2 June 2022. 

A new family saga novel set around Sheffield.

From the wreckage, they must piece together new lives for themselves…Determined not to waste his life toiling for his cruel brother, Silas, the second son of a farmer, arrives in town to seek his fortune. Harriet has reconciled herself to a life no better than domestic service for her austere uncle. And John Gunson, Chief Engineer at the Sheffield Waterworks Company, has just completed his crowning glory – the Dale Dyke dam.  But one stormy night, the unthinkable happens. The dam bursts. A wall of water is unleashed, destroying everything in its path.

The aftershocks of the flood reach far beyond that night, with consequences that could never have been foreseen. Fatefully brought together, Silas and Harriet must now contend with their families as new love blooms. Meanwhile, Gunson faces not only an angry community but also a court of inquest looking for a scapegoat.  Can any good come from the disaster, and will justice be served for those who lost everything? A thrilling saga inspired by the real events of the Great Sheffield Flood, perfect for fans of Dilly Court, Emma Hornby and Elisabeth McNeill. Praise for The Ragged Valley’ A powerful and absorbing story and an impressive debut. Her passion for the era and area in which she writes shines through.

For more information, please telephone 833376 / 813374 or email, or visit the bookshop’s website:

 Angela and Harry Pickard owners of the Bridge Bookshop said: “Independent Booksellers Week 2022 is going to be bigger and better than ever, and we are excited to be involved in this, our 50th anniversary year. Everyone knows that supporting local shops helps an area thrive, and we have a strong line up of events and in-store exclusives that we hope will attract many customers into the shop. Something we are particularly looking forward to during this year’s IBW celebrations is handing out voucher codes for a complimentary £5 book token.”

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