The latest exhibition at Rushen Heritage Centre in Bridson Street, Port Erin depicts ‘A Year on Ballachurry Farm’, based on the memories of Stanley Clucas, Captain of the Parish of Rushen.

In 2016, Stanley wrote a collection of stories and recollections covering a period of 12 months during his early days at Ballachurry Farm, which has been in his family for almost a century.

Rushen Heritage Trust published A Year on Ballachurry Farm 1943-1944 and staged an exhibition based on the stories and photographs within.

The current exhibition at the Centre covers the first six months of Stanley’s recollections, with the second half to follow in another exhibition at a later date.

Doreen Moule, Chair of RHT, said: ‘Stanley’s stories provide a wonderful insight into the 1940s way of life on the farm and include many amusing anecdotes. The book and the exhibition were a great success the first time around, and since opening Rushen Heritage Centre in June last year, it has provided us with the opportunity to revisit our previous exhibitions. We are delighted to be able to showcase Stanley’s story once again, both for a new audience, and for those who want to view it again.’

We are hoping to arrange a couple of dates for Stanley to visit the exhibition and sign copies of the book – please visit or follow RHT on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for news of when they are confirmed.